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Are you considering selling your house?

It’s such a great time to sell! Why sell with me? Because my goal is to hand you as big of a check as possible at closing. This means hard work, great marketing, negotiations, and a solid understanding of the market. I understand how special and valuable a home can be. The sale of something so important deserves an experienced, capable, and thoughtful Realtor so you can move forward to your next adventure.
Let’s get your house SOLD

Why hire a Realtor® to sell your house?

It’s best to hire an agent who belongs to the National Association of Realtors, so you can be sure that they are bound by a Code of Ethics.

With the right marketing plan and exposure, I can sell your home for every last penny of its market value (and sometimes even more). Accepting the most favorable terms and conditions for your home and receiving the biggest proceeds check you can after a sale is worth hiring an experienced Realtor.

Tip: Interview several Realtors

Remember, you are the customer, and you have the choice to take your business to anyone. Select a Realtor based on their sales statistics, work ethic, references, working relationships and ability to work with your personality and requirements.

If you need help interviewing potential Realtors, start by getting answers to these questions:


What is your list-price-to-sales-price ratio?
This is the difference between the price that the Realtor’s properties were listed for (list price) and the price the properties finally sold for (sales price). Statistically homes in Omaha have sold for 97-98% of list price. On average, my listings sell for 100% of list price. That extra 2% can mean thousands of extra dollars in your pocket and my goal is for you to make the most amount of money from the sale of your home.
How many homes have you sold in the last year?
Realtors should know their business numbers well. If you ask a simple question like this, and they don’t have the answer, consider it a red flag. In 2019 I sold 77 homes. In 2020 my goal is to help 85 families! On average, Realtors in Omaha sell 7-9 houses year.
How are you different from other Realtors?
Much of my business comes from referrals and I’m so thankful for past customers who continue to share my name with friends and family. If you asked my past customers why I was the best fit for them, they would mention these qualities.

  • Accessible and a quick communicator
  • Skillful and strategic at negotiating
  • Creative with marketing strategies
  • Patient and accommodating of questions
  • Able to explain contract terms clearly
  • Cool and collected under trying circumstances
How will you market my house?
Your Realtor should have a menagerie of resources for advertising your property – just sticking a sign in the yard isn’t enough. As a seller, you shouldn’t be the only person spending any money to sell your house – the agent you hire should be spending their time, money and resources to drive the most amount of traffic to the house. Before listing, I can help prepare your home so it shows and photographs its very best. A home that’s well prepared will be the most attractive to buyers. And because we can’t predict exactly where the buyer for your house will come from, it’s essential to use a number of marketing strategies (print, web, social media, etc) to advertise your home.The marketing plan I implement is designed to find the most amount of serious buyers. When we visit together, I will share my customized marketing plan with you. I can’t wait!
How will you keep me updated throughout the listing process?
The most frequent complaint I hear from sellers is “My last Realtor didn’t talk to me enough and I never knew what was going on.” I won’t be an agent who sticks a sign in your yard and then disappears until we have an offer. I will keep you fully informed about upcoming showings, approaching deadlines, response timelines, inspection schedules, etc. Most importantly, I’ll provide you with feedback from the buyers and agents who see your house.

After each showing, I’ll personally call each agent for feedback on condition and price and relay that information to you. And I’ll communicate with you in the way you prefer. I am available by call, text or email, but let’s communicate the way that’s best for you. Selling a home is too big of a deal to do without talking regularly. I mean can we really be talking too much? Nope. Can’t

What’s the house selling process?

Your house-selling homework just got easier. I’ve put together some handy information to show you what you can expect when considering selling your house. The process can be complicated if your agent isn’t organized and well established. These steps will help you understand and prepare to sell your house.

Are you prepared to sell your house?

The more you prepare, the less opportunity there will be for unpleasant surprises. No worries though; I’m going to help you every step of the way. I’ve created a list of things to consider that you may need to take care of before selling your house. (But don’t be afraid to call me first, I can help you efficiently get through these things.)

Not quite ready yet? No worries!

Selling a home is a big deal and should come with some advanced planning (or at least growing excitement)! Even if you’re a few months from wanting to sell, now is a great time to start interviewing agents (a’hem.. don’t forget to call me!) to see who is a good fit for you. Just let them know that you are not quite ready, and if they’re good, they’ll help you prepare.

why work with ben smail?
My husband and I were selling a house for the first time and were nervous about the process. Ben explained every detail and made every aspect as easy as he possibly could. He gave great advice in every area and would answer any question at any time of day. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone who needs to buy or sell a home. – Lisa

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