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Are you dreaming of buying a home?

When all of your daydreams are filled with visions of buying a home, it’s a great time to start preparing. Whether you want to buy in 30 days or 30 months, I’ll help you find your home at your pace.
Let’s make your next move a great one

Is having a Realtor® really necessary?

Absolutely! Purchasing a home is a big (and wonderful) commitment, so having an advocate to work on your behalf is priceless (and won’t cost you anything!). It’s best to hire an agent who belongs to the National Association of Realtors, so you can be sure that they are bound by a Code of Ethics.

Hiring an experienced Realtor to guide you through the buying process will give you the confidence that all of the decisions you’ll be making are informed and will protect your best interest.

Tip: Interview several Realtors

You’ll be spending a considerable amount of time with the agent you hire, so make sure you’re a good match for one another. Oh, and if you’re worried about Realtor fees, don’t be. As a buyer, you don’t pay for any of their time or representation.

If you need help interviewing potential Realtors, start by getting answers to these questions:



How many homes do you sell a year?
Last year, I sold 39 homes. This year I’m on track for nearly 60. Helping people buy and sell homes is my full-time, all day, everyday job.
How are you different from other Realtors?

Much of my business comes from referrals and I’m so thankful for past customers who continue to share my name with friends and family. If you asked my past customers why I was the best fit for them, they would mention these qualities.

  • Accessible and a quick communicator

  • Skillful and strategic at negotiating

  • Willing to see homes during days, nights, and weekends

  • Patient and accommodating of questions

  • Able to explain contract terms clearly

  • Cool and collected under trying circumstances

Are you familiar with my area of interest?
I’ve helped buyers purchase homes all across Omaha. Depending on the area or age of home you’re pursuing, there are certain things we’ll want to pay attention to. For example, if your area of interest is around Dundee, I’ll help navigate possible issues that could arise from the older wiring in those houses. Some insurance companies won’t insure houses with fuses vs. circuit breakers but we’ll have a plan in place to overcome this problem.
How much time will you commit to me during this process?
I’ve made real estate my full-time job so that I can be available for my clients whenever they need me. The buyers who miss out on the best homes are the ones who work with Realtors who simply aren’t available. That won’t be you. A Realtor who is difficult to reach, constantly pushing the majority of work onto your lap, and doesn’t have time to give you personal attention will lead to a frustrating experience for you. I understand the seriousness of purchasing one of life’s biggest investments so I’ll be available to you during days, evenings and weekends.
How will you keep me updated during the buying process?
The most frequent complaint I hear from buyers is “My last Realtor didn’t talk to me enough and I never knew what was going on.” I will update you each step of the way and always review what is coming next. I will keep you fully informed about approaching deadlines, response timelines, inspection schedules, etc. And I’ll communicate with you in the way you prefer. I am available by call, text or email, but let’s communicate the way that’s best for you. You’ll know when other houses pop up for sale, when they go under contract, and for how much. Buying a home is too big of a deal to go about without talking regularly. I mean can we really be talking too much? Nope. Can’t.

What’s the home buying process?

Do you feel like you need a decoder ring to understand your home-buying friends as they spout off about contingencies, escalation clauses, escrows, or earnest monies? No worries! I’ve helped many clients comfortably navigate the home purchase process and I’m ready to help you too. Whether this will be your first home or your fifteenth, I’ll educate you about what’s involved.

We’ll sit down together and I’ll tell you everything that’ll happen between now and the day you get the keys to your new home. And by moving day, you’ll be a bit of an expert yourself.

Here’s an overview of what the process looks like:

  1. Interview and select a Realtor.
  2. Apply for financing with a lender.
  3. Begin seeing homes with a Realtor.
  4. Write/submit purchase agreement (budget about 90 minutes).
  5. Celebrate with accepted contract! Submit earnest deposit.
  6. Schedule and attend home inspection. Negotiate repairs.
  7. Lender will schedule appraisal. Results take 1-2 weeks.
  8. Title company completes title search and issues commitment.
  9. Termite inspection and plot plan conducted if needed.
  10. Lender submits file to underwriting. Wait for “clear to close.”
  11. Schedule and attend final walkthrough.
  12. Collect cashier’s check from bank to take to closing.
  13. Closing day. (sign, sign, sign, sign!) Get the keys. Hug your Realtor!
Are you ready to start your home buying search?

Do you have all the local real estate apps on your phone? Bookmarked homes that have features you like? Potential areas mapped out? I’m excited to help your home-buying mission come to fruition. My job is to make this process painless and efficient so you can have an enjoyable experience.

This is all about you. You’re the most important piece of this puzzle so tell me your story! The more I know about you, the better I can help you narrow down homes. So, please unload all the questions you have. You can’t ask too many.

Why work with Ben?

Accessible & responsive
Call me, I'm responsive. We'll be in communication at every turn. I mean really, can we be talking too much? Nope. Can't.
Heart of a teacher
It’s important that you are armed with all of the knowledge possible when making big decisions. My past experience as a teacher has prepared me to educate my clients about the buying and selling process, market updates, Omaha area neighborhoods and everything in between.
Your house at your pace

Whatever is the right pace for you is the right pace for me. I’m comfortable with your preferred pace. I’m patient with your decisions and patient with your questions. All your questions are good questions. I do my best to answer the usual questions up front, but I encourage my clients to ask whatever comes to mind.

Thorough with your best interest in mind
When you see your dream house, you may miss some important deficiencies and end up with a lemon. My laser-focused eyes are working overtime to make sure you get what you want and avoid potential problems.
Market insights
Buyers: I negotiate your deal to get your favorite house, for the best price. The market is competitive for buyers. I've been able to win bidding wars without having the highest bid. It's all about knowing what sellers want.
I know what buyers want. I'll market your home to make it the most desirable for those buyers and negotiate the deal to get as much as possible into your closing check. You'll hug me later.

Not quite ready yet? No worries!

Even if you’re a season or two from being ready to buy, it’s not too early to begin chatting with a Realtor. Actually, now is a great time to start seriously interviewing agents (a’hem … don’t forget to call me!) to see who is the best fit for you. Just let them know that you are not quite ready, and if they’re good, they’ll help you prepare. Call me today, let’s get together and create a customized plan for you so you are ready to hit the ground running. No pressure. Your house at your pace.

why work with ben smail?
…We have been so impressed with Ben’s knowledge and experience and more importantly he was just fun to be around. He really helped us put in the best offer and then helped negotiate another 3K after our inspection. He was never too busy for us, was always in a positive mood, and never let it show how truly busy he was in this crazy 2016 Summer market. We highly recommend Ben! – Brian & Candace
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